Four Dimensions of Learning


Webinar: Non-artistic Creativity in Therapy

My pluralistic practice


Five problem types (that I work with)

The geography of discussion amidst political polarisation

Two modes of working

Coaching vs Consulting vs Counselling

My problem-solving method 2022


Risk assessment and prevailing social narratives

Visual resume 2008-2021

Design Thinking over 15 years


Contain and excise anxiety from self-esteem

Visualising Imposter Syndrome anxiety

A mediocre to prefect scale: for websites and life


Problem peeling

Anatomy of a problem

Three ways to do innovation

Flowing from ideas to up-and-running


Mechanistic Processes vs Guiding Principles

How to become more innovative


What drives a closed mind?

Selling game alphas is the ultimate lean

Idea banks and the need for curation

Tools and operating frameworks

Cross-ed FTW

Curating methodologies

The potential in tools

Combining design thinking and applied psychology

Knowledge transfer vs construction

Design + applied psychology: A hybrid problem solving process

Helping people build loyalty

Dell Venue 8 Pro opportunity missed

Lifeline skills in consulting - Part III


16 New Rules of Business

Two things the world need today

Black and white thinking

The mastery-boredom cycle

Designing for happiness

Banyan conflict tree

Client-centred consulting

Agile, change-embracing, accelerated projects

Project management models: Agile, PRINCE2 and PMBOK

Listening to transform crises and conflict

The MoSCoW Method


Pattern recognition

Three elements of a UX use-context

UI, UX, IA and gamification in context

The Cycle of Abuse in the workplace

Resource feature: Strategy Formulation Framework

Mettle and metal

Four traits of collaborative leaders

Manifesting UX

Resource feature: Three Elements of UX Use Context

New resource: UI, UX, IA and Gamification in Context

New resource: Five Gamification Techniques


New resource: EQ Primer

Don’t be the tool

New resource: Comparing Agile, PRINCE2 & PMBOK

Mittelstand: sensible sustainable

New resource: Audiences with Different Levels of Knowledge

What Samsung could learn from Apple

Strategy formulation framework

Strategy vs Plan vs Process

New resource: Strategy, Plan and Process

New resource: Agility

Freedom and responsibility

Re-thinking Cheap Fast Good - a much better diagram

Self-regulation is an illusion

When is 4G not 4G?

Re-thinking Cheap Fast Good


Human factors underpin everything we do

T-shaped people and Building Information Modelling

A simple model for value-adding

Hire designers to design or think?

From QMS to CES

From things to thinking

Innovation is not a business model

Decision making and change

Making a difference. Where?

Innovation and operations model

Easy access to diversity

Most businesses can’t and don’t want to be more innovative

Resistance to knowledge, thinking and change


Fashion design drawing IS reality!

Merry Consumption-mas!

The developing, the developed and the brave new world to come

Taking a sabbatical

The age of crises

Digital media opportunities – Part 8: e-politics and e-government

Digital media opportunities – Part 2: Latent foundational technologies

Rethinking innovation – Part 7: Long-term thinking and imagination

Commission-based remuneration kills creativity

The iPad is boring

The Internet: creativity, connectedness, & generosity

Acceptance or denial – it’s our choice

Tailor communications to different knowledge levels

Design Thinking

Clarity in Design Thinking and Agile

If it ain’t broke don’t break it (just make it better)

The UI/UX and feature-set consistency of tools

Free book idea

Knowing enough to break the rules

Another meaningless marketing line

The big picture in service design

Design is innately innovative

A fashion industry “revolution”

The gravy train trap


How to do a million good deeds

Industrial design collectable wants

Keyboard heaven – cheapest is not best

The big-small supplier cycle

Disposable / sacrificial business models

Kia-su economics

Happiness as Your Business Model

At Poznan, no one is listening


The Innovation Interrupt

Four turbulent characteristics

A twittering experiment

Cats’ teeth – teaching facts vs thinking skills

MacBook Air selling in spite of missing bits – the soft stuff matters most

Innovation training and recruitment

The Power Paradox

Design and scale


When good business sense makes zero sense

An exemplary phone recording

Thinking of writing a best seller?

Renewable energy incompatible with economics

Consultant, coach, and counsellor

Differentiation is in how you act

Knowledge workers in the factories

Share your secrets and empower users

Fashion designer fantasies and eating disorders

The stimuli behaviour cycle

Only your wallet can tell the difference


Traditional org chart vs value nets

Keeping score vs satisfaction


Optimism - alive and well!