“At the world climate change summit, few delegates paid attention to the tale of oil's inevitable demise” writes Jeremy Leggett of The Guardian.

Of particular interest:

Here is the bottom line. At oil prices below around $70 a barrel, producing oil becomes uneconomic in many settings today. With the oil price where it currently languishes, at less than $50 a barrel – in a market where pricing has become completely disconnected from "fundamentals" by the volume of paper trading – oil development and exploration projects are being cancelled around the world on a daily basis. How on earth is the industry going to [produce enough to meet global projected demands?]

… the world needs a "clean energy new deal", as the IEA [International Energy Agency] is calling it. Insurance must be taken out, via clean energy, in case the oil industry fails to meet projected demand. The perils of climate change require such a course of action anyway. So too does the rebuilding of economies made necessary by the financial crisis. It all makes sense in a win-win-win sort of way.

… "There's a real risk that this thing could collapse," [an IEA official] said. He meant the operating model for the world's energy markets. Where financial markets can go today, in other words, so can energy markets tomorrow. (my emphasis)

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Thanks to Bob Jacobson for this link.