There are some business models that are by their nature single-use.

These are wildly successful (make lots of money without huge effort), but only work for a short period of time. What comes to mind are the scams and the cons. The successful ones seem to be amazingly simple to execute in retrospect, playing on our basest desires and drivers like fear and greed. For the perpetrator at least, such business models provide significant returns for the effort, relative to what perhaps most people would identify as “an honest day’s work”.

Such business models stop working as soon as enough people become aware of their less-than-savoury nature. The model is useless until sufficient time has passed for the general population to forget. Or if the model is transferred to a new population with no experience of the same model.

Which suggests the following triangle, from which you can only have any two out of the three.

Similar to the better-known triangle below – again you can only have any two: