businessmen clones

  1. Hire outside the box.
  2. Time shift your team.
  3. Do a bit of everything.
  4. Tune out.
  5. Be transparent.
  6. Enforce a hard stop.
  7. Don't think in annual terms.
  8. Splurge on things that are often overlooked.
  9. Toss out the projections - your business is you.
  10. Embrace a hybrid model.
  11. Ditch the HQ. Go BYOD.
  12. Nix ineffective meetings.
  13. Use "CC" to replace your old "status update" meetings.
  14. Go on and ask for things.
  15. Don't charge on status. Price your goods fairly.
  16. Be the human face of your company.


Image: Businessmen clones via Shutterstock.