Working in between counselling and consulting


I engage with my clients in two ways.

PSF: Problem-solving Facilitation

This mode is facilitating a client to explore, understand and solve their (often complex and multifaceted) problem. The client works on changing their perceptions, beliefs, and behaviours. They also develop awareness, boundaries, communication, and other EQ skills. The consulting aspect brings in Design Thinking (creative problem-solving) and other business problem-solving techniques to work on the intrapersonal stuff as well as related practical/work problems around decision-making, prioritising, and planning. The client does most of the hard work.

I mostly just facilitate, like a counsellor, but with a consultant’s added technical and creative richness.

SDI: Strategy, Design, & Implementation

This mode is more like traditional consulting work. I bring expertise, and I do most of the hard work. The work is focused on developing a strategy, a solution, or a design to address the client's problem. Depending on the project, I may also implement this strategy, solution, or design.

I bring techniques from Integrative Psychotherapy that enable me to delve deeper into the intrapersonal and interpersonal psychological aspects of the client's problem, beyond what a business consultant can do.