1. Integrative thoughts and actions.

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Industry is getting too specialised.
Society is getting too polarised.
Time to bring it together.

Seeing, understanding and working with the connection between ideas, knowledge pools,

Making links; working with patterns.
Cutting through the double-speak and illusions.
Discourse beyond 140 characters.
And then making it actionable.

Meta processes
Knowledge frameworks
Action frameworks
Not explicit how-to methods.
Understanding types of cakes, rather than learning all the variant recipes.
Teaching discernment
Critical thinking

Acting to establish foundations and frameworks for change.
Not responding to symptoms and rushing through short term fixes that are likely to cause compound more issues down the track.

2. Compassion; a "greyscale" perspective.

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Cutting through the illusion of b/w, us versus them.
Celebrating the gray.
Getting over win-lose.
Breaking silos blinkers

"We" and "and".
We live in a closed system with each other.
Being OK with reality.
Resilience from not needing to control, dominate and fix. Resilience from inclusion and acceptance.


What new services can we create to deliver these outcomes? In the industry sectors we already work in? In new sectors we could expand into?

How can we tweak our current service offerings to deliver these outcomes as value adds to our existing customer base?

How do we identify and connect with talent and suppliers who are aligned with these two outcomes?