light fuse photo Photo by modular.dodecahedron [CC]

Businesses need to move from quality management systems (QMS) to creativity enabling systems (CES).

“[In a world of radical uncertainty] … Old efficiency thinking based on engineering and rational market models needs to be replaced by a creative intelligence based on imagining, building and managing new futures.” -- Bruce Nussbaum in Living in a Radical State of Uncertainty. “…modelling past events to predict the future won't work. … It's not a matter of training to choose option "A" or "B." We need to learn how to create option "C" to fit problem "Z."”

Design Thinking can help businesses think outside the AB options. The challenge is getting Design Thinking into the decision making process. In the short term – by hiring design thinkers at the strategic level of businesses. In the longer term – by teaching Design Thinking in business schools.