Build boundary around anxiety to excise it from self-esteem.

Generalized anxiety can be debilitating. It poisons our sense of wellbeing and efficacy. We feel bad about ourselves. We make up reasons for those bad feelings. When in actual fact, it is just the anxiety at work.

One way to mitigate the effects of anxiety may be to decouple it from our self-esteem. When we are able to perceive the anxiety as an external agent acting on us, rather than an integral part of us, we may be able to better put its effects in perspective.

A disciplined practice of identifying the anxiety and acknowledging its effects over time may help create a clear boundary between our self-esteem and the anxiety. Eventually, we become able to perceive that anxiety as an external agent.

This visualisation was based on conversations with several people. It may or may not be relevant to your specific situation. What do you think?