I love models and methodologies. They codify real experience and hard-earned learning, and make them accessible to others.

One challenge with models and methodologies is the sheer quantity of them, across different industries. Many of these can be really similar, and deliver similar outcomes.

Over the many years I've collected books, PDFs and other compilations of models and methodologies. Mostly (but not uniformly) around problem solving and design.

So which models models do I use, and when? How do businesses who want to access these tools even begin?

Other questions are: What background knowledge, experience and mindset do we need to have to use a model? How do I know if the results are useful?


Reducing choices in a considered, informed and with a basis from experience is invaluable. Curation is one contribution experts and institutions must increasingly provide so we can continue to make use of the knowledge we have amassed as a species.

I see three areas of opportunity for information consultants, as shown in the diagram above.

As a business, if you have been thinking of using trying out a few of the many methodologies out there, remember this: Just start. Pick one. Or a couple. And go. It is easy to become overwhelmed by choice and end up not picking any one, and therefore not doing anything.