Problems that run across our work and personal lives are hard and all problems are solvable.

Problem types I deal with
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Even the most capable of us need a hand (or rather, another brain) now and then. Sometimes, little bad things can coincide and fuse into a big problem. I work with adult employees, employers, decision-makers, innovators, and entrepreneurs, to help them:

I take a no BS, pragmatic, compassionate, and optimistic stance to my work. My focus is on tackling your problem and building your agency, self-efficacy, and resilience. I want you to leave lighter, more capable, and stronger on your own two feet.

Working together, we can break a complex problem into smaller bites, reframe constraints into opportunities, and flow around any immovable obstacles. Let’s talk.


Stress can overwhelm and change us and we can make it temporary.

When we are stressed and overwhelmed, we can’t see things clearly. We also react to situations differently, like we are someone else. Just because we feel that we are going crazy doesn’t mean we are going crazy. Worrying about whether we have a mental illness can add to our stress.

Stress can stop us from seeing the forest for the trees. When a problem involves us personally, it feels that much harder to deal with. This is normal when we have skin in the game.

Working together, we can climb above the overwhelming stress, fear, uncertainty, and doubts. Let’s talk.


A hard problem affects our work, personal, and inner lives; and we can methodically work through it.

Hard problems affect our work life, our personal life, and our inner life. The three arenas are inextricably intertwined.

When things are working well at work, our relationships are better, and we feel good. When things are great in our relationship, our self-esteem is better, and we feel more able to deal with work problems. When we are strong within ourselves, we are more confident in our ability to respond to anything that work or life throws at us.

Working together, we can methodically and honestly examine a problem’s effects, and then contain and address them. Let’s talk.


Problems can be isolating and you don’t have to face them alone.

Talking to our significant others, colleagues at work, or peers may not always be possible. We feel that they may not understand the technical or practical aspects of what we are facing. We fear appearing incapable and indecisive. We worry about worrying them. These are very common concerns.

Struggling with a hard problem for a prolonged time can seriously impact our work, life, and self. We may start to doubt ourselves, neglect our relationships, and fall behind at work.

Working together, we work out how to discuss the problem with (relevant) others, identify strengths and resources, and seek appropriate help from (relevant) others. Let’s talk.


We can work conveniently and flexibly to suit you.

My service is offered in standalone 60-minute sessions, with a set fee per session. Sessions are one-on-one and conducted via Zoom. You may access as many or as few sessions as you like, and start or stop to suit your changing circumstances.

Our work can take the following steps:

Working together, we blend our expertise and experience:

Every client and problem is different. Sometimes, breakthrough clarity can come in 3-5 sessions. Other times, a few more sessions may be needed. Taking a break to try things out in real life before resuming sessions is also possible.

Find out more about my problem-solving method, which combines the psychological depth of Integrative Psychotherapy with the creative breadth of Design Thinking.

Let’s talk

30 minutes, complementary and obligation-free.

Our first 30-minute Zoom introductory get-to-know-each-other session is complementary and obligation-free.

Working together, we will briefly discuss your problem and expectations, address any questions you may have, and come to a sense of how we can work together.

To request an Introduction Session, please email me the following information:

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Terms and Rate

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If your problem is primarily work-related, you may be able to claim my fee as a tax deduction against your business for consulting services. Check with your accountant.


My Zoom client-facing hours are Thursdays and Fridays at the times shown below. Sessions should start and end within the times shown below.

Perth12:00-6:00pmGMT+8 AWST
Adelaide, Darwin1:30-7:30pmGMT+9.5 ACST
Adelaide (Daylight Saving)2:30-8:30pmGMT+10.5 ACDT
Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart, Brisbane2:00-8:00pmGMT+10 AEST
Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart (Daylight Saving)3:00-9:00pmGMT+11 AEDT