A fine question posed in a FastCompany article by Shoshana Zuboff:

"We all want a new business model, one based on trust and relationships. We're hungry for it. But today's realities seem intractable. Can things really change?"

In my experience - absolutely undoubtedly resoundingly YES! That change is around us now!

My friends and associates make daily positive contributions to the world, through their jobs and businesses. I work with people who really run their businesses based on trust, respect, care and love. I hang out with people who have successful businesses with integrated passionate community building programmes that put most big companies to shame. I laugh over coffee with people who enjoy meaningful work. These people exist. Human-centric businesses exist. Optimists exist and do quite well thank you very much.

How do I meet these people? It is simply a matter of choice. It really is that simple. I only work with clients and associates who give a damn. I seek out and meet people doing business the ethical way (and they tell their friends about me). I actively avoid projects that "feel dodgy"...

"Be the change you want to see in the world" Mahatma Gandhi.