I came across this exemplar of a business that stood out because its services are actually designed for the convenience of customers.

Upgradeable.com.au sells memory upgrades for all sorts of computers - from ancient ones that ought to be replaced, to the latest and greatest.

In a commoditised market saturated with competitors, their website alone stood out because it actually provided useful information specific to different models and makes of computers. It tells you how much memory came with each model, and how many spare expansion slots there should be, how much extra memory you can add to it, whether they have these parts in stock and how much. Everything a customer would want to know!

Compare this with most other (if not all other) sellers of computer bits. They list the full-on tech specs of the memory modules they carry because this is easy for the business operators to do. The customer is expected to work out whether a particular part is compatible with their computer or not. Unfortunately, such deep tech details are not easy to find, even on the computer manufacturers' websites.

Hey, if you were competing on cheapness alone, you can expect crap service and no consideration right?! Wrong - and Upgradeable.com.au proves the point. They know what they are talking about, they give customers just enough useful info to make a clear decision, their website is easy to use, and their office is conveniently located. You can order online, delivery is free, and if you brought the machine in they will even install it for you for free.

All these little details do add up to a huge difference.