In yet another excellent post on his blog, Tom Kay asks "Are you just a resource?"

Learning to treat people as people, instead of a functional a-emotional cog, is probably the biggest and most critical paradigm shift businesses in the industrialised world need to make. Now.

The fuel for commerce in this new century is ideas and imagination. Accessing these quintessentially and fundamentally human qualities requires respect, care, and genuine connections with each INDIVIDUAL’s hopes, dreams, passions and joys. Simplistic single-dimensional mechanisms such as a paycheck, threats, the corner office, or even an in-house cafe just won't cut it if you refuse to relate to the WHOLE person.

Quality, knowledge and manual skills belong in the age of factories, one that is so obviously no longer affordable by the industrialised world. So why are we still harping on about these things? Is it the fear of discovering just how inhumane, unhealthy and unsustainable conventional business practice has been and continues to be?