Deep fakes and genuine authenticity


Three stages to mastery


Die in certainty, or thrive in uncertainty?


The corruption of “do it, ask forgiveness later”

Covid-19 reveals the deadly use of PR to solve actual problems

When the cause of a cause-based business takes over

Is wealth more perception than reality?

Evil clients and systems designed to fail

Composing constructive criticism

Criticism is not (always) insult

JotterPad customer experience fail


Suing parents; on alternate uncomfortable views

Preparing for and responding to mistakes

Gaslight marketing


Enduring works

A worker who dreams; a maker who sells

Top tip for working with a difficult person

Sacred Riana's greater whole

Two reasons to leave


Don't marketing-speak to your people

Too senior to be accountable

Three ways to manipulate the media

Three obstacles to constructive discourse

What we pay attention to

Empathy in electronic communications

Add your voice

From Facebook to direct interactions

Fakery gives permission

Constructive versions of lying techniques

How to lie in a post-truth world


Why ego-driven businesses fail

Talent-Belief gap


Marketing masks mediocrity

Indicating and (maybe) not turning


Social media is not advertising

"What an ugly baby"

What drives a closed mind?

Movie soundtrack censorship fail


The Divine One


Coca Cola "Happy Cycle"

Listening to transform crises and conflict

McDonalds: our food, your questions


Whole-self, not wholesale

CEOs out of touch with reality?

Pain and invoicing for work

Selling short? Or practising abundance?

Fear-based workplace

The voices within

Whole-heartedly; or go home

Making an impact authentically

Honouring ideals and values


Illiteracy in the post-PC era

Apple a narcissistic organisation?

Sing from your heart

Beliefs and care factor

Don’t be the tool

A means to an end

Skeuomorphism in user-interface design

Mittelstand: sensible sustainable

Authenticity: Victoria's most complained-about frock shop

The foundation of authentic communications

If we could hear ourselves

I don’t know and I’m ok with that

Fake smiles at work

Forging emails won't earn you trust

Nice AND profitable

What does humanising business mean?

When is 4G not 4G?

Does business poison passion?

Where are the shareholder voices?


Happy holidays!

Questioning brand fanaticism

Perception is everything

People are not fully themselves online

Social media is a construct

Deloitte's Seven Signals

Booty-call marketing

A new low in leadership fail?

Dove integrity fail

Asking for a cynical response

A case of say but not quite do?

The junk-food-ification of media and knowledge

Flu shot debate – less about stuff, more about attention

Less about stuff, more about attention

The duality of human nature

Ethics and moral judgements

Consistency of human nature

Social media on mobiles

Creating vs replicating your world

I think I will stop buying design books


Fashion design drawing IS reality!

Merry Consumption-mas!

Brand essence or brand caricature?

What the f**k is my social media strategy?

Reflections on travelling: The simple pleasure of pure human interaction

Unboringfying brands (doing social media)

Don’t be cool

I hate dislike Apple but still I talk about them

What we pay for shows what we value

When the brand is worth more than everything else

Facebook and radical transparency

Tools to access our personal truths

Boo to perception management

Passion and attraction

Marketing still fail

Shoulds vs wants in business

The threat to word-of-mouth authenticity

Empowering creativity

US = fast food

Duck necks are duck necks

Another meaningless marketing line


The people who give selling a bad name

A fashion industry “revolution”

Inappropriate cultural borrowings

Picasa 3 face detection rudeness


The Art and Science of Pricing

Corporate culture and happiness

No soliciting telemarketers

Evolution process of companies


Greed is a game

Another meaningless message

Shallow commoditisation of “meaning”


Pillar management

Animals and integrity

If your business could sing...

Different kinds of big

Branding Only Works on Cattle

Ideas are bulletproof and the world needs big ideas

Why we don’t subscribe to Rupert Murdoch

Incongruity at ad:tech Singapore exhibition

Business is personal (in Arab culture)

Transmitter and receiver orientations in communications

The folly of the advertising account pitch process

Thanks for the cynicism check

Two Coke campaigns

The feel of a beautiful business

Why all corporate PR droids should be shot


Transparent Internet meets lazy designers

The challenge of selling brainspace

Empathy in action

Self-censorship and the fear of creativity

Weird business idea

Competing with everyone


Getting the technology and missing the point

Best customer service experience

Taxi video advertising

Giving first makes getting later easier

Is your business a fundi or freethinker?


Visual thinking and napkins

Valuing ideas vs “real work”

Irrationality, morality, respect, mirroring, social empathy, self reflection, conciliation

A Manifesto for NonProfit CEOs

The very human financial markets

Two different attitudes

Love attracts

Visually consistent, but not quite congruent

Censorship weirdness

Congruence and life on the Internet

Covering all bases in your tagline

Fowl foul

Blogging and transparency

Keeping fast food vendors honest

Ad industry felt "demeaned and trivialised"

Perceived responsibility creep

A nice thank you

The Hub

Fairness and transparency

We will be heard

Seminar: Business Blogging

When service becomes automated and meaningless

What is your ethical impact?

Cash registers broken = free gorcery

Slags on business without facts

Rationality is an illusion

Having integrity means being congruent

Seven Deadly Sins 2.0

Marketing, intrinsic motivation, happiness and Joy Ninja

Transparency is still a joke

Saying vs doing

Authenticity - a real example and the doggie doo analogy

Definitions of "power"

Fostering involvement and buy-in – what the cat taught me

Attracting vs coercing customers



Authenticity in spam!

Dust collectors

Authenticity in branding and marketing

Fear still driving

Consultant, coach, and counsellor

Sh*tty marketing lies and radical transparency

Differentiation from integration

Need and want

Our beliefs and expectations of others

Attention economy - another two articles

Attention, meaning, and the New Economy

The Cluetrain Manifesto

Real voices hard to silence


Advantages of a value net

Changing ‘them’ is easier

External perceptions, marketing and integrity

Brand Branching Workshop

Cubicle Commando

It’s all perception

What does your business smell like?

Agreeing with Hugh Mackay

Packaging integrity

Still not getting it


Avoidance and lies

Comparing apples to apples

Inviting dragons in

Making clients cry

Great cards

Train of thoughts (attention CityRail)

What will be in demand

The emotional context

Branding ABC

Learn respect or DIE!

Pull your head out

The 10-second trust test

Saying “our objective is to make money” is contrary…

Reputation replaces image

Copycatting not winning eyeballs

How big are you?