Deep fakes and genuine authenticity

Advertising mirrors our collective concerns

A commonality-seeking mindset and difficult conversations


How to inspire creativity/innovation in your team

Engaging with diverse peoples and cultures


Possibility, Likelihood, Magnitude, and Multitude

You are right

Bitdefender renewal: an annual hinky customer experience

The perils of buying upward

Is your Unsubscribe function working?

Blame in problem-solving

Situational promotions

Criticism is not (always) insult

JotterPad customer experience fail


Gaslight marketing

Unnecessary and stupid customer churn


Two assets lost in restructures

Top tip for working with a difficult person

Interrogation vs Inquiry

Don’t judge: “always on their phones”


Continuum of customer service care factor

Thank those who go the extra mile, because it probably cost them

Empathy in electronic communications

Constructive versions of lying techniques

EQ visualised


Action-Impact gap


Ambiguity can be a strength too

Making THEM change

Inclusiveness and mental dexterity

Indicating and (maybe) not turning


What does your brand sound like?

What drives a closed mind?

Let me tell you how it should be

Rapport in 10

Address, appease or avoid

Pay attention to build connections


Blinded by potential?

Group size matters

Evil Eights

Client-centred consulting

Listening to transform crises and conflict

Selflessness vs selfishness in negotiations


The Lucifer Effect

Perceptive relativity

Square peg round hole


Active listening: two ways



New resource: EQ Primer

Pineapple upside down loyalty programme

Starting conversations

Understanding your audience

The foundation of authentic communications

Breaking down barriers by getting people together

“Looking for a real professional who charges a low price”

Realisation: I don’t have to fix it!


Listening beyond “stupid”

Social media is a construct

Flu shot debate – less about stuff, more about attention

Less about stuff, more about attention

Don’t forget the small things in relationships

People is the other constant

What’s in it for me?


What the f**k is my social media strategy?

The self-selection of same-same amidst diversity

Processes make corporations stupid

The reassurance of the tangible

I hate dislike Apple but still I talk about them

Empathy vs second-guessing

The Internet: creativity, connectedness, & generosity

Tailor communications to different knowledge levels

Wabi sabi

Two aspects of service design

Small thoughts kill ideas and collaborations



The big-small supplier cycle

“But that was my idea”

“Them” and “us”

Animals and integrity

Power is never given. Power is taken.

If your business could sing...

Choice paralysis and decision facilitation

Relationships more important than tech specs

Alignment is a universal challenge

Empathy in action


Core of conflict

Feeling the attention

Giving first makes getting later easier


Irrationality, morality, respect, mirroring, social empathy, self reflection, conciliation

'Bridget Riley' PowerBook

Perceived responsibility creep

Website barriers to effective communications

A nice thank you

MacBook Air selling in spite of missing bits – the soft stuff matters most


The Power Paradox

Definitions of "power"


Customer participation

What price self-esteem

Lost in the rush

Jack Welch on integrity

How to piss off customers – rant and lessons

Share your secrets and empower users

Differentiation from integration

Making meaning from sharing

Without a smile…

Happy Nothing Day


Vermillion is dead, long live Vermillion!

Traditional org chart vs value nets

Everyone just wants to be heard

Never argue with an idiot

The Nice Factor Book

Cubicle Commando

The most valuable currency of all

Tipping the barber

Jesus CEO


Leadership ten commandments

Making clients cry

It is ALWAYS the little things…

How to cut costs and wreck a business

What will be in demand

The emotional context

Learn respect or DIE!

Advertising is not the easy way out

Optimism - alive and well!

Feel-me advertising

Middle management disconnect

Just like dating