Thoughts after reading Is Facebook Making Us Lonely:

If we were to describe Facebook to someone in the eighties, they would be forgiven for thinking that it's mere existence will bring about a revolution in human connectedness, and forever banish loneliness in a flurry of global kumbayanic ecstasy.

The reality seems to be: In a densely but shallowly connected world, we increasingly experience isolation and loneliness.

The constructive alternative to embrace is to create and embrace opportunities in which we can pay authentic and respectful attention to others.

This could well be the next breakthrough in how we differentiate our businesses as well as our personal bands. It would do well for more of us to go learn how to listen actively and hone our empathy skills.

How can you give more attention to the people around you?

Which customer touch points in your business can benefit the most from paying more attention to and building real connections with customers?

Image: Listening via Shutterstock.