child and adult hands

In order to live our best lives, we need to find the happy medium between the child-like visionary and the grown-up wise person.

When we were young, when anything was possible, we were blessed with clear and grand visions. The simplest things can be as delightful as the most fantastic dreams.

I can still remember my biggest frustration as a child: I can see what I want, but I lacked the skills and resources to execute the vision; and certainly not at the level my vision demanded.

As we grow older, gain skills and amass resources, we gradually replace that visionary power with the power to execute; to make things happen.

A young business takes risks because They don't yet know what could go wrong. And there is relatively less established comfort to lose.

A matured business has more operational safety to risk. Their experience has taught them how things could go wrong. They are more able to project ahead, to conduct increasingly accurate risk assessments. And so they tend not to do anything new.

It seems unfair for our abilities to envision and execute to run in opposite directions. The moment we gain sufficient skills and resources to execute is the moment we lose the clarity and conviction of our visions!

Neither extreme is particularly useful I guess. Cultivating a happy medium between the two is probably the best way forward.

Happy medium age everyone!

Image: Child and adult hands via Shutterstock.