Four Dimensions of Learning


More is lost through indecision

Webinar: Engaging Men in Therapy - What the Literature Says

Upcoming new book: Good to Know

Selling an outcome versus selling a process


Three stages to mastery

Two modes of working

Myst: thoughts on a revolution

Accessible and usable knowledge


My Zettelkasten KMS input and output

Zettelkasten note taking

Wordcloud of 2,174 blog posts

Design Thinking over 15 years

Reducing the emotional attachment load in problems

Quality: Knowing when to stop

The permission to do less


Happy Congratulations and Merry Christmas

Blame in problem-solving

Situational promotions

Criticism is not (always) insult

Psychological safety in Agile


Linear vs bubble working styles

Preparing for and responding to mistakes


Enduring works

Problem peeling

Anatomy of a problem

A worker who dreams; a maker who sells

Luck vs fate

Perpetuated product UX fails

Sacred Riana's greater whole

From data to insights and strategy


Human- vs machine-centric content design

What we pay attention to

Seeing clearly and mastery

Details details details


Four lessons in social manipulation from the 2016 US elections

Five self-awareness lessons from the 2016 US elections

A body of worth

$500 census server

Talent-Belief gap

The unemployable skillset

Anxiety blocks creativity

Directly applied learning

If you truly feared failure...

Mechanistic Processes vs Guiding Principles

Pragmatism an undervalued strength

Watering sustainable behaviour change

Optimal anxiety

How to become more innovative


Scanners and divers

Doing matters

Diamond cutting: concentrate distil curate

Idea banks and the need for curation

Visualising De Waag

Thoughts on a Matisse sketch

Curating methodologies

Lesson from Van Gogh 3

Lesson from Van Gogh 2

Lesson from Van Gogh 1

Looking for the win-win

The potential in tools

Combining design thinking and applied psychology

If it burns, stop touching it!

Action-oriented mindset

Movie soundtrack censorship fail

Design + applied psychology: A hybrid problem solving process

Avoiding suffering

Helping people build loyalty

Designing from where users are

The discipline of simple

Try on their shoes

Visual reminders of the big picture

Lifeline skills in consulting - Part IV

Lifeline skills in consulting - Part III

Lifeline skills in consulting - Part II

Lifeline skills in consulting - Part I


The Divine One

Escaping the status quo

Crafting our toolbox

We get what we measure

Excuses for not improving

Convert Thinking to more Doing

Two ways to use notes

16 New Rules of Business


Good design in plain sight

The mastery-boredom cycle

Banyan conflict tree

Client-centred consulting

Agile, change-embracing, accelerated projects

Project management models: Agile, PRINCE2 and PMBOK

Maintaining the experience

Happy medium age!

Change toolkit

Solving non-problems

The dark side of expertise

Driving innovation vs driving chaos

Feelings vs reality

The changing nature of my work

My kanban

Square peg round hole

Context, relevance and richness

Confidence vs arrogance

Judgement vs discernment

Acceptance vs acquiescence

Detachment and problem solving

Goals vs habits


Death by deliberation

Facts, emotions and crises

Inspiration fatigue

Work is serial monogamy

Staying hungry

Confusing methodology with outcomes

Aging and problem focus

Pattern recognition

Three elements of a UX use-context

UX/UI for internal vs public users

Whole-heartedly; or go home

User-centred design mindset

Mettle and metal

Design seesaw

Resource feature: Three Elements of UX Use Context


Sing from your heart

Double spaces and double linebreaks

Evaluating design

Creativity and useless feedback

Spot and stop mistakes

Businesses don’t care. Individuals do.

Strategy formulation framework

What is Strategic Design?

Re-thinking Cheap Fast Good - a much better diagram

Avoiding the “guru” syndrome

Re-thinking Cheap Fast Good


Effective brainstorming [e-learning]

Experts, generalists and deep generalists

Innovation and operations model


The Desktop Epic Revolution

Clueless and care-less – why corporations fail at humanity, and thus will never be innovative

I am satisfied

Design Thinking

Learning to play again

Obstacles to generating ideas

A Problem-solving checklist

Clarity in Design Thinking and Agile

Business process design primer


Wabi sabi

Knowing enough to break the rules

Invisible excellence – Tokyo pavement


Keyboard heaven – cheapest is not best

Excellence sweet spot

Evolution process of companies

Good and different

Labour of love requires time

The invisible man

Pillar management

Power is never given. Power is taken.

Thanks for the cynicism check

Silence is golden is innovation

The rise of the small

Paying for care

Cultivating innovation Alessi style



Love keeps businesses excelling

Visual thinking and napkins

Valuing ideas vs “real work”

A Poverty of Desire

“It’ll do.”

Habituation hides quality failures

Stupid design – two ludicrous examples

The cost of video piracy to quality

Love attracts

Organic business (aka be yourself)

Five gamification techniques for business

Seeing the leaves as well as the forest

McDonalds website – experience over usefulness

This is dedication (to one’s craft)


What should I do with my life?


Being, flow, and not pushing

Easy to use means hard to make

The Cluetrain Manifesto


Be a kid again

Advantages of a value net

Cubicle Commando

Choosing input

Keeping score vs satisfaction

Happiness drive

New beginnings

Innovation is...

Invention vs Innovation vs Improvement

Working with your “faults”

Butterflies or blowflies?

Your beautiful dream

Play is…


Harping on about excellence? Have you done Step 1?

Good, fast and cheap

Design effective signs and posters

Using colour in business communications

A slapping for AFR BOSS

Best practice = same practice

Your future competition