Have you ever found yourself struggling against some immutable external factor, trying to stay calm and soldier on? Perhaps you are in such a situation right now?

At what point does maintaining a functional level of inner peace become too much unproductive hard work?

Ideally we should all be sufficiently resilient in the face of life's challenges. It is certainly a useful self-improvement goal.

Sometimes, however, we find ourselves in a position where we must either accept or submit to a situation.

Acceptance feels strong. It is a genuinely empowered decision. Moving forward may still be scary or painful, but it is also an unburdening. There is ultimately an release of blame, and an acknowledgement of what is. Acceptance frees us to make the best of what just is.

Acquiescence is begrudging submission. There is it sense of helplessness and powerlessness. It leaves a lingering bad taste in the mouth that resurfaces again and again. We assign blame. And wish for divine retribution, external restitution or closure that will never come.

It can take time, years even, to arrive at acceptance, depending on the situation.

Acceptance may be preceded by a period of acquiescence in the beginning. The trick is not to stay surck in this stage for longer than we need to.

Acceptance and acquiescence may look similar to an outside observer. They may wonder why we are "walking away" or "giving up" the fight. What is important is that we ourselves know. That is the transformative moment.