If we give away something we have worked hard on for free, are we selling ourselves short? Or is there more to it?

Designer Adam Whitcroft gives away a set of beautifully crafted icons for free. This is his rationale:

I didn’t start Batch with the aim of selling it, and I was never truly convinced I should.
I want to see Batch in as many designs as possible...

I want Batch to be something people use, not something they buy...

I didn’t get into this industry to make money. I got into it because designing stuff makes me happy. What makes me even happier is knowing that something I’ve made has helped someone else, in whatever small way that may be.

More at adamwhitcroft.com.

In doing so and writing about it, Adam gives others the permission to be abundant and generous.

We have more choices than we often realise. We don't have to be bound by status quo ideas of how we should make money, run our business, and how we work. What makes "business sense" must necessarily mean different things to different people, if business is meant to enable living.

It is ok that not everything in our life (and in life's work) is measured with financial ROI. Now that would be selling ourselves short!