Marketing is irresponsible when it perpetuates simplistic myths that perpetuates ignorance and causes damage to customers in the long run.

Apple and its fans have long spouted how the MacOS operating system is totally safe. How it’s all automated. How users won’t need any anti-virus or malware protection. Or deal with scans and warnings. Or even expend much effort (on vigilance I presume.)

All this is marketing manna for sure. Claims that clearly sets Apple apart from other operating systems. But it also lulls users into a false sense of security (and sometimes of superiority too!)

The reality is – no software or hardware is perfect. No automated safeguards will ever replace a knowledgeable and vigilant user. Or conversely an ignorant or careless user will always override the best automatic safeguards. This sort of marketing tact is short-termed and irresponsible.

A recent spate of Trojans have seen Apple scrambling to firstly deny the issue, then tell the users it’s their own problem, and then release patches and set up a regular patching cycle. No doubt many users are left confused in the process when such an absolute belief has been thus proven dodgy. I can’t imagine this can be good PR for Apple. Pride before the fall and all that.

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