“Don’t be cool. Cool is conservative fear dressed in black. Free yourself from limits of this sort.” Bruce Mau.

Many of us as individuals spend so much time trying to be who we are not. Likewise, many (if not most) businesses spend great effort and resources on being who they are not.

It all stems from fear. We fear (as individuals and businesses or brands) rejection. We fear not attracting the largest number of potential friends/lovers/customers. We fear not attracting the “best” of those too, whatever best may mean. Opportunity cost is a potential manifestation of fear!

Imagine if we could divert all the energy we currently spend on trying to be who we are not, towards doing what we really want to be doing. Such as creating the value that powers our businesses or ourselves.

Instead of just copying the cool stuff someone else has already done, why not make stuff we ourselves think is cool. Isn’t that ultimately more rewarding?