Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) rang me (unsolicited) yesterday trying to offer me a black MasterCard with a lifetime waiver of annual fees. I could not help but wonder how long RBS itself will be around for that lifetime waiver.

I told the woman that not only do I never enter into financial arrangements with strangers on the phone (or on street corners), but that thanks to recent publicity like this, this and this, RBS ranks very low on my respectable scale at the moment.

The unsolicited spam call did nothing for my confidence in RBS - it just shows the bank is doing "more of the same".

What would have WOWed me would be some real gutsy action at doing something different. Example: committing to a ten year plan to support the fight against the trafficking of women and children through Hagar International.

(Disclosure: I am looking at doing work with Hagar International just now, through the company I am working with here in Singapore as part of their CSR programme.)