This article Chickens Cry Foul! on Voiceless - The Fund for Animals' website referred to celebrity chef Jamie Oliver's recent highlighting of the appalling conditions under which factory farmed chickens are "manufactured".

The business impact of such a realisation is sobering indeed:

Within weeks of it airing, sales of factory farmed meat chickens plummeted by an estimated 10 million, while sales of non-caged eggs shot up by a third.

For those producers doing the right thing by the chickens, this is a clear opportunity to once agian remind the consuming public of their virtues.

For those producers doing things the old way, the opportunity is even better: this is the time to stand up and be counted and publicly change of your ways. I reckon established brands can benefit significantly from this if this is done right. Now could be the time to stand out above from your other entrenched competitors who are also tarred by the same brush.

Will anyone be brave enough to do this?

Thanks to Lyn Dean for send me the link.