Re a recent cover story in AFR BOSS magazine: 2005 Top entrepreneurs.

This article again blindly promulgates the STUPID how-much-money-are-you-making approach to measuring the success of a business. This is once again presented as THE indicator of having "made it".

Consider the first paragraph: "...but for those of us who haven’t (yet) built multi-million dollar businesses, they are a source of inspiration..."

The assumption the author is making is blatant and transparent. But what if I DON'T want to build a multi-million dollar business? What if I want a business that sustains my life, that lets me use my skills to contribute to the world, that affords me a decent life, that gives me worthwhile work? Am I somehow less successful because I don't make multiple millions?

Should people with great ideas simply NOT BOTHER because they could not see where the multi-million dollars will come from?

And yet - a mere few more paragraphs down, contradictions appear! Words like passion, vision, people-based approach, and values pop up. (Although the Nudie board does seem to dismiss the value of some of these concepts.)

In fact, the article specifically notes "Not one [entrepreneur] mentioned money as a motivator!"

So the article continue to peddle the underlying belief that monetary success is the only thing; but with topical lip-service to the goodness of passions, values and ideas... Shame on you AFR BOSS.