Pexels / Pixabay

Empathy and connection works in electronic communications too.

It just takes us a bit of time to adapt. I really do believe that the more we spend time on these communication channels, the more we will adapt our inherent empathy and connection abilities to them.

Having lived through the beginning of electronic/internet/social communications, I have noticed the increased in my own ability to express empathy and read nuance in channels that would initially appear anaemic compared to face-to-face interactions.

The opposite is also likely true. Our face-to-face interaction skills will decrease the less we use them. And we need to be vigilant about this. Especially for those whose personalities and psychologies make them more comfortable using non-face-to-face means of social interaction. Isn’t it great that these options are available?!

Technology-mediated, non-face-to-face interactions will not go away anytime soon. It will be wise for us as a society to work on actively improving our abilities to communicate and connect through these channels.

We should not be arguing over whether one channel is better than others, but on embracing any and all methods of connection. Because we are social creatures after all.