BA(Design), PGCert(BusOpsMgmt), M(Counsel)

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I help my clients transform challenges into actions and outcomes; by collaboratively working through problems, identifying strengths, generating breakthrough ideas, and creating positive change in themselves, their projects, and their organisations.

I have close to 30 years’ experience; working across enterprise IT, technical/business communications, process improvement, multidisciplinary design, and counselling.

I use cross-disciplinary human-centred techniques from design, IT, business management, and counselling to facilitate problem-solving and innovation.

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I have worked on diverse projects for clients large and small across Australia and internationally. I engage effectively with people across specialisations, organisational hierarchies, and cultures.

Curtin University | UTS University of Technology, Sydney | Murdoch University

My current PhD research aims to add greater theoretical depth to the problem-solving method I have been using and evolving throughout my working life. This method combines Design Thinking and Integrative Psychotherapy, to creatively address the practical and psychological aspects of wicked problems.

I hold a Master in Counselling, a Postgraduate Certificate in Business Operations Management, and a Bachelor of Arts in Design. I am also a qualified adult educator, author, long-term blogger, and crisis/suicide intervenor.

I am interested in understanding people, untangling complexity, designing for the messiness of people, fostering creativity, and enabling self-efficacy and resilience in working professionals.