Good to Know: No BS answers for men considering counselling by Zern Liew

Mainstream middle-aged men in Australia are facing increasing psychological distress. The strength of dealing with our problems ourselves is not always helpful. Deep down, most men know when we need a supportive hand. Many still find that hard to do.

Research says a key barrier to seeking counselling may be the shame of not knowing. Men prize competency. Not knowing how to navigate the process of accessing a counsellor and not knowing what actually happens in counselling can fuel procrastination. Understandably, it may feel easier to continue to suffer in silence.

This book aims to provide that missing knowledge: the unvarnished reality of thinking about, seeking out, and seeing a counsellor as a man. The author shares insider and lived insights from the perspective of a male client and a male counsellor, including what to expect in counselling, how to make it work for you, and broader considerations on how we can all live our best lives as men.

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