Image via Pixabay.

In the early days of my working life, a beautiful outcome manifested in the usability, functionality, and aesthetics of “products” like websites, software applications, printed material, exhibition settings and displays. I worked to create products my clients are proud to share with their customers.

Over time, a beautiful outcome manifested in usable, functional, and useful processes that make work easier. I worked to create services or systems that save time and reduce headaches.

Today, a beautiful outcome is manifested by the transformative changes a client experiences in their intrapersonal psyche, their interpersonal relationships, and how they work.

What stayed constant are:

In the last three decades of work, I have moved from working on objects and processes, to working with people. Those are the external products of my interests and other internal drivers. As those internal drivers remain stable, I have been able to successively build on my evolving interests.

As you look back on your own professional journey, how has it changed? What are the constants?

What’s next?