Employers continue to play it safe; while still saying they want fresh thinking and innovation.

...employers explicitly look for certainty about productivity and fit in their new hires. The data is divided by level of uncertainty. Narrow experience in a firm’s industry indicates a low degree of uncertainty about their productivity and fit, broad experience a medium amount, and someone with no experience is labeled high. Candidates without fairly narrow industry experience lose out.

This is another example where the conventional recruitment approach is limiting the innovation potential of businesses. The industry has perhaps become so streamlined at finding and fitting cogs that they no longer are able to see beyond cogs. Uniformity is great for efficiency when nothing changes.

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On the other hand, practices like this open up the market for on-demand, project-specific injections of innovation and creative problem solving. These are the traits they need to respond to change.

How do recruiters inject new blood into the gene pool? Dare their go against the ingrained practices, and break them and their clients out of the fear of non-conformists?

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