You don't need to have it allfigured out to move forward. -- Dale Partridge

Tackling complex problems in a world that is changing quickly is like travelling through multiple airports in succession. We are faced with different situations, stimuli and challenges to solve.

And just like ravening through airports, we don't have to figure out everything in detail before we move. We just need to know how to get to the next country, the next gate.

At any one point do we know where all the toilets are? The lost and found? The sick bay? Alternate routes and flights should something go awry. We don't need to. We can find out if and when we need to know.
What we do need to know is the broad travel plan. We are going there. And we need to go through these locations. And we go.

Solving complex problems is like that. We know broadly what we need to do. And we go. As new information comes to light, we change directions to suit, we seek out alternatives, and recruit extra help.

(Image above came to me via a Facebook post. Unknown source.)