Read Niall Harbison's Get Sh*t Done!: From Spare Room to Boardroom in 1,000 Days

Bought it late one night, fell asleep reading it. Highly readable. Full of wisdom and insights from real hands-on experience.

One key takeaway: We are crippled by the fear of failure. And of what others will think or say about our failure. This stops us getting shit done.

"You think you are so much better than the rest of us. Who do you think you are? And now you have failed."

But most people are too busy and preoccupied to notice other people's failures. People make mistakes everyday. Large mistakes; tiny mistakes. The world doesn't (usually) end. And most of the time and no one dies. And we all move on.

The fear is all in our own heads. Recognising this is the first step towards moving through the fear and getting shit done!