The biggest (constructive) disruption we can induce today is to break through the cumulative illusions about how we live and work together.

Marketing, status quo/conformist beliefs, religious doctrine and unquestioned cultural norms (not to mention politicians!) all create their own illusions. And many of these limit us.

Image from Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science.

We can't change what we cannot (or refuse to) see. We may not even be aware that there are problems; even as we feel and suffer the effects. Making effective change requires us to see clearly.

The Finnish school system has disrupted conventional illusions about how to do education, with the results to prove it.

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Simon Sinek brilliantly shatters the illusions of leadership in this must-watch TED talk.

What reality distorting illusions are you working under? Whose illusions are they? How much do you buy into each one of them?