I have been mulling over how to evolve my blogging over the past few months. It has been about six years now (1,360 posts conservatively estimated to be close to 390,000 words).

The original intent was to commit to a discipline of writing regularly, and also as a means to offload all the stray thoughts I have in my head about all sorts of things, and as a means to think through these thoughts more rigorously. These I have done, and then some.

So what now moving forward? I look at the hundreds of draft posts I have stashed away, waiting for the right time and inclination to turn into “official” posts, and quite frankly not all of them are all that interesting to me any more.

Have I lost interest in the topic areas? Possibly. Everyone is talking about innovation and creativity in business now, certainly more so than in 2005. And yet at the same time, the sense of being on the cusp of changing business practice as a whole, riding on the excitement of the Cluetrain Manifesto and Tom Peters, seem to have decayed into fanciful idealism.

I had thought the global financial crisis would precipitate more fundamental changes. But it does not appear so. We as a global society are still firmly rooted in the very economic beliefs and practices that caused the GFC in the first place. American conservative politicians are crying out for less regulation and more freedoms for the market – even as we all know that unfettered personal greed is what fuelled massive corporate social irresponsibility.

I like to know that there is a point in doing what I am doing. My friend Tracey says I am a “functional” person. I always want to know why and what is the point. And thus: Do people care about the issues I write about? Am I making any difference at all to anyone, or just dumping more noise onto the internet? What’s in it for me? Is bogging still relevant to my interests and my life? Why should I bother getting excited about things when it doesn’t seem to matter at the end of the day?

And just when I am at the point of thinking of up the blog altogether, I get a lovely affirming email out of the blue:

“I was fascinated to find your blog post about the Intercontinental Ad - Making It to the Middle, as I was thinking about the same subject. … And also your other blog posts (Cheap, Fast, Good and The Religion Of Capitalism) … Totally agree that the world in a sense of not respecting people's value, have got out of hand.” – Marja Danil. Check out Marja’s business centre Ovaalstudio. It looks like a great space to get creative in Tallinn! And also her blog (use Google Translate if you don't real Estonian).

Thank you Marja!

If you have enjoyed my blog posts, I would really appreciate your comments and emails (even if they disagree with my viewpoints). They mean a lot to me.