This is NOT encouraging.

A Melbourne researcher says excessive focus on self-esteem is turning children into narcissistic bullies. ... a review of international studies debunks the notion that bullies have low self-esteem. "Many of the children who are involved in bullying as ringleaders actually have inflated views of themselves," she said. ... "This is quite surprising to most people who think that sometimes those kids who bully might have low self-esteem. It's quite the opposite." ... "We're finding from other studies that the over-focus on self-esteem over the last 30 years has produced perhaps more young people who are low in empathy and high in narcissism,"

Narcissistic bullies in schools grow up to be narcissistic bullies in the workplace. Their behaviour damage the people they work with and ultimately the business itself. The psychological damage often manifest in the long term: low self esteem, reduced effectiveness, post-traumatic stress, depression, and suicide. The longer a bully stays and moves up/through the business, the more damage they leave in their wake. Morale suffers, absenteeism and stress leave goes up, and people leave. And when the business starts to limp, the bully leaves.

Here is a good (but long) read about narcissistic bullies in the workplace.

If you believe you are the target of a bully at work, you have options. Your on-going mental well-being is not worth putting up with bad behaviour. The more we speak up against this issue, the more awareness we create.

Time for a revolution methinks to stem this in the bud. Anyone game?