We can tell what a culture values the most by the laws and prohibitions it sets against the opposite of those values. In other words, the opposite of what is strictly forbidden is what a culture values most deeply.

We have laws against embezzlement, price fixing, and undertable kick-backs. This is because we value a level playing field and honesty in business dealings.

This is equally true for corporate or societal cultures. A company that forbids employees from working after hours is one that values a good work-life balance. A company that forbids employee access to social media is one that values hierarchy and control.

“What you risk reveals what you value.” -- Jeanette Winterson.

If you truly value creativity, then you need to risk giving up control.

If you value your people, you need to risk some loss in productivity (from not expecting your people to work crazy hours.)

If you value authentic conversations with your customers, you need to risk hearing stuff you don’t want to hear.