I find many popular games boring. Facebook's Farmville, that cafe one, and Tap Zoo just to name a few.

These games all have similar traits. Traits that remind me of Tomagochi. Repetitive tasks that build towards simple, clear goals. Tasks with immediate feedback. Your progress is absolutely clear cut - you know you have made a difference without having to think. And really, you don't have to think at all, or made to feel particularly challenged.

Is the popularity of such mindless entertainment linked to the high-stressed real world?

The real world does seem to have directly opposite traits. Change happens fast. We have unending to-do lists. There is more ambiguities and gray areas than ever before. Most of us don't get enough clear direction, information or feedback, at work or in our relationships. We are often too busy dealing with the day-to-day to really stop and clarify our life goals and purpose. We don't even have time to celebrate our achievements!

Are mindless games the low-hanging fruit escape more and more of us are escaping to? This can only be a growing market surely? For now.

What are the new opportunities to create low-hanging fruit activities other than games? Will we see a resurgence of craft and hobbies? Or maybe cat patting?