Choosing the status quo life path is like eating from a fast food restaurant. The choices are easy, clearly differentiated, and non-challenging. They are known to everyone, and accepted by all.

Some variation is possible in the form of small “mass” customisations. No cheese. Extra pickles. A mere nod toward the frightening expanse of infinite possibilities. But not challenging. Safe.

Choose our own paths is like home cooking. We pick the exact ingredients to use for each meal. We need to know the appropriate choices and combinations; ie what works. We also need the right tools, and the right skills.

Learning to do it yourself is way harder. But way more satisfying. You are choosing to do it your way.

Of course it does not preclude us from eating out now and then either. It is easier to eat out. But the choices are more limited, and more crucially, the range of available taste experiences is dictated by the masses.

This applies exactly to how we run our businesses too. We can do it our way. Or follow the crowd.