If you give a damn about anything, this is a must-watch: The Age of Stupid. You owe it to yourself, your children and your species.

I saw this at a screening this week put on by the UK High Commission in Singapore and WWF Singapore. It put a lot of things into stark perspective for me.

It is time to sharpen the focus of what I do.

Blatant stupidity is the new enemy. It is all around us, and often invisible to us. We are blinded by the miasma of the cheap perfume of conventional business practice, and its cohorts that is vapid consumerism, blatantly manipulative advertising, wasteful design... We unquestioningly support its agenda, pretending it is the only way forward, even as that leads us to our own smoking demise.

The changes I talk about have just become more urgent:

1. The democratisation of business (where it is not restricted to certain deficient personality types heartless bastards or rear-view-mirror drivers); and

2. the humanisation of business (where business returns to its roots as an inescapably socially aware and responsible activity)

Conventional business practice and attitude are fucking up the world we live in!

I want to see a world where conventional "business" no longer exists. The bad behaviours must stop. Change is afoot.