An article entitled as above, by Georgina Carr, caught my attention whilst browsing the February 2010 issue of Psychologies magazine.

Returning home from another dull day at work, I collapsed on my luxurious must-have sofa, and contemplated the surface of my life.

I had followed my vision of being a home-owner with stubborn resolve, thinking it was the path to [something/somewhere]

The repayments anchored me to my office job, and to the routine of being in exactly the same place five days a week.

There was more to life and I needed to summon up the courage to go and find out what.

This train of thought resonated deeply with me.

I have yet to feel comfortable with the idea of becoming a homeowner. There are too many “shoulds” associated with so many aspects of it. There is much societal pressure as well, to do as “common sense wisdom” dictates.

The same goes for career and other work and life decisions. Even in running a business. There is much pressure to do what everyone is doing. The prevailing wisdom seems to be held onto too tightly without sufficient consideration for alternatives.

I say enough.

Amidst all the unpredictability in the world today, I can only go with my gut instinct on decisions that affect my life – because at the end of the day, I am ultimately accountable to myself in how I run my life. If I have the freedom to make the life I want, why should I follow ‘the usual way’ if I didn’t feel like it?

So I am going with my gut instinct – being a home-owner is not right for me yet.