People are at the core of human activities on this planet. This is stating the obvious perhaps, but it seems like we forget that – in the way we select our business and political leaders, in the way we hand over our power to supposedly-infallible humans. And in the behaviours we choose to celebrate through the media.

"Whatever the other challenges are that we face for the twenty-first century, there is no question that inner development forms a huge piece of the answer to our personal, cultural and global crises." Ingrid Bacci in her book The Art of Effortless Living.

Forget climate change, world hunger, wars, religious fanaticism and the economic downturn for the moment and consider this: The world is facing only one crisis -
there is a lack of emotionally mature, stable, ethical, honest and good people in positions of power – in our governments, our religions and corporations.

Most of the world's problems can arguably be traced back to childish behaviour, limiting fear-based beliefs, and selfish ego-driven decisions. When we live by our base instincts, is it any surprise we create more division, escalate conflict, and act with disregard for others and the planet?

We need people who are not slaves to their egos, nor ruled by fear. We need people who can appreciate the interconnectedness of everyone with each other, with the systems we have created, and with the natural systems that predate us.

Well-rounded good people learnt to be so through hard work and perseverance, driven by the desire to be the best that they can be. Can we as a planet and a species afford not to have these sorts of people in positions of power? Can we continue to put personal development on low priority?