Rich ideas come from the in-between. The interface between sea and land holds the richest diversity of life. There is a universe of possibilities when we look outside the traditional silos and start to explore the in-between spaces.

If you can see the input/output/needs of two different silos (different businesses, industries or specialisations) you can create a business/service/product that connects those two sets of needs. And you have a brand new never-before-seen business opportunity!

This is akin to building data exchange interfaces between disparate computer systems. Say System A stores medical records, and System B stores travel histories. Each is valuable in their own specialised way, within their own specialised universe.

When you connect disparate systems, when you look at the in-between, you create whole new value beyond what the individual systems can provide.

Am interface between Systems A and B could suddenly reveal valuable epidemiological insights, develop more effective (profitable?!) insurance packages, and provide useful “where to avoid” advisories.

To bring it back to a business context, new opportunities can be found in-between established silos. What happens when you connect a soft drinks manufacturer with an aged care facility? What if you connected a dental surgery with a financial advisor? What could a designer who sits between two cultures offer beyond her peers? What new opportunities fall out of the in-betweens?