Do something nice for me and I will remember you. Don’t show me yet another forgettable, self-aggrandising ad.

Case in point: in Dubai airport, LG provides free mobile phone and notebook recharging stations. There is one every 20m or so. The installed power points will take any shaped connectors from around the world. There is a small product showcase, and a couple of LCD TVs playing videos (considerately sans audio) of various LG technical innovations in home appliances.

And people do stop and look at the material while charging their phones and laptops. I did. (Did you know LG makes a bagless vacuum cleaner that actively compacts the collected dust for easier, dust-cloud-free disposal?) And I didn’t mind at all. I was grateful for the free gadget juice!

In comparison, I spotted a sad, lonely Sony stand which played a looping ad for its Bravia series of TVs. No one paid this any attention even though it was about the same size and had similar visual impact as the LG charging stations. To make matters worst, the video playback was embarrassingly choppy – even the maintenance people seem to neglect it!