I am collecting personal anecdotes for a book project.

Have you been involved in a failed business partnership or project collaboration? Please share your story with me!


As anyone who has been driven to start a business knows, our grand dreams and visions are seldom achievable through our own endeavours alone. We seek out like-minded others in our efforts to create what we are driven to create.

And yet, business partnership (or project collaboration) failures must far out-number the successes. There are already loads of books out there celebrating the great successes. But where are the ones that speak of the tribulations and the small wins of failed partnerships?

I propose that there are more valuable, accessible and visceral, lessons to be learnt from the failures. I want to look beyond the legal and mechanical aspects of partnerships. I want to get to the personal and the real. I want to examine real-world situations that are not as black-and-white as the law may want to pretend humanity is. Business is personal. Business partnerships and collaborations are personal too.

Where there is great passion, there will also be great pain. Telling the stories of our failures will be cathartic. Let’s face it, failures hurt like hell. They raise all sorts of very human emotions like betrayal, loss, and even depression. Emotions that we are supposed deny in the “professional” arena of “business”, but yet play a huge part in influencing our decisions.

The greater goal here is to enable more successful True Collaborations (as defined by Michael Port in The Think Big Manifesto), which in turn enables the realisation of more ideas and new concepts.

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Please send your personal business partnership or project collaboration failure story to: zern@eicolab.com.au with “failed partnerships” in the subject line. Entries close 30 November 2009.

I am interested in stories about failed business partnerships or project collaborations only. This can include partners in a company, a legally-defined partnership, or an agreement to collaborate on a project. I am not looking for stories on personal partnerships.

The endeavour you were involved in must be directed towards a business goal, which can be for-profit or not-for-profit. It must be driven by a strong vision, and with a strong values-based approach. I am interested in stand-out business concepts that demanded an investment of vision and passion as well as the more mundane practicalities like capital.

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