I recently walked pass a whole section in a shopping centre in Singapore selling humidifiers. This is just so “wrong”!

In case you have not been through Singapore, the temperature tends to be around the 30s (Celsius) with very high humidity. Everywhere is heavily air-conditioned. Cooled air tends to be drier, hence the humidifiers I am guessing. So strange, so illogical, and oh so human.

Air conditioners do dry out the air which is one reason why they are such a god-send in the tropics. I would have thought you could open a window slightly if the air gets too dry?

The whole green movement seems to have passed Singapore by. Unlike many of their neighbours, they did not celebrate Earth Hour, many things you buy seem to be overly packaged, and they love their plastic bags. As food is a big thing here, takeaway containers are quite elaborate and substantial compared to what we are used to in Australia, with individual sub-containers for sauces and condiments (which are themselves provided in separate containers).