I am a big believer in businesses working with our humanity, as opposed to trying to suppress, pervert or "manage" it.

I realised today that business-as-usual have been doing a version of this. They tap in to our fears and our greed, both of which are very real human traits.

Food companies appeal to our hardwired love for salty, fatty and sugary foods. All too many businesses tap into our greed by offering (or appearing to offer) even more for even less. And of course, we cannot forget the "beauty" and fashion industries for playing to our fear of looking bad or different.

Not that I am saying fear, greed, vanity are inherently "bad" traits. They are simply part of who we are as a species. It is the actions associated with, or inspired by those traits I put judgement on.

Working with our humanity requires conscious choice. We can choose to work towards a positive outcome, or a negative one. The fear of not belonging can be a source of self discovery. The fear of old age and death can be used to build awareness of how we interact with the environment, and the legacy we leave behind in our interactions with people.