The conversation we have with others is the relationship!

The following extract is from Susan Scott’s Fierce Conversations – Achieving success at work and in life, one conversation a time. ISBN 0 7499 2381 4.

fierceconversations.jpgThe phrases “Don’t take this personally” and “Don’t take yourself so seriously” are misguided suggestions. Do take it personally; do take yourself seriously. … Work is deeply personal. Leading is intensely personal. … [You need to have] addressed the questions: Who am I? What price am I willing to pay to be that?

This is your life. … If you don’t take it seriously, there won’t be enough of you here. The results you are experiencing … are direct results of how you are showing up to yourself and others. All day. Every day.

There is no workable separation of selves at work and at home. We are ourselves all over the place, and it is this real self that is felt and experienced at a deeply personal level by ourselves and everyone on the receiving end of us, whether we acknowledge it or not.”

Are you yourself at work and at home?

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