flow.jpgFlow. By Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. ISBN 0-7126-5759-2.

After reading Good Business by the same author, I just had to get this work. This book provided a lot more details on the author's research into flow and happiness. He tackled the subject of consciousness, and our never-ending need to manage the chaos that is part of this consciousness, and to make meaning out of our existence and lives.

Some key topics are: The autotelic experiences and personality necessary to create flow, intrinsic and extrinsic drivers for behaviour and expectations, the difference between enjoyment and pleasure, the conditions of flow across thoughts, work and bodies, growth as being the complexification of the self, integration within and differentiation without...

All in all a fascinating and fun read, not to mention a great foundation to think about how we need to consciously design our lives (including work and business) if we are serious about happiness and meaning.

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FLOW the Pschology of Optimal Experience: Steps toward enhancing the quality of life