leaving troubled waters
Image via Pixabay.

As part of the neverending reflection on and conceptualisation of my work, the most recent interesting thought was around fear. More specifically, helping clients to become less fearful of the challenges they face.

Much of the current flavour of capitalism is sales by fear. Your business is not making enough money, not getting enough exposure, not attracting the right customers… and so on. On a personal level, you are not thin, muscled, young, or tall enough…

One of the key selling propositions I offer is that I unscare clients.

We can resolve, fix, reposition, reframe, and even outsource difficulties; together. We can see things clearly for what they are. We can take constructive actions in every circumstance.

While each client’s problems may differ on the surface, the underlying mechanisms towards unscaring is the same.

We work with both the internal aspects of the problem (what the problem means to the client) and the external aspects (what tasks need doing.) Unscaring is a whole-person activity!

It doesn’t mean we engage in explicit “therapy.” Through solid working relationships based on respect, understanding, and trust, collaborative problem-solving (design), and supportive implementation of solutions, clients leave behind their fears associated with their problems.