Flowchart showing how I get research data into my Zettelkasten KMS and output deliverables from it.

In preparation for the next phase of my further studies, I have just spent a few weeks spinning up my Zettelkasten note taking system using Obsidian.

The diagram above shows how I plan to get data into, and synthesise material out of, my knowledge management system (KMS). Everything I read and think about will be captured as individual concepts. These will then be linked to other concepts, to enable a structure (made up of interrelationships) to emerge over time. Out of this structure will come themes and insights that feed into the deliverables for dissemination.

Obsidian provides a cool way to visualise the connections between concepts, as shown below.

Obsidian tree diagram of my KMS.

My expectation is to grow my system to something like the example below.

Obsidian graph from chrisbowler.com
From chrisbowler.com